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Who we are

To succeed, climate action will have to be developed from the ground up as well as through national policies and international agreements. People have to believe that their input matters.

We believe that doomsday scenarios don't inspire actions. The current rhetoric on climate change is suffering from this problem. People tend to believe more their daily experiences over abstract future prediction about Climate Apocalypse. Our strategy is to use positive messages and the strength of individual actions.

Our team brings expertise in certification to help our clients succeed in taking Climate Actions. We bring more than fifteen years of global experience certifying companies and local governments on impacts of global warming, evaluation of footprints, mitigation and adaption strategies and helping companies set their GHG reduction targets and meet or exceed them. Such efforts are complemented by working closely with project developers in developing and least developed countries who benefit from the transaction of environmental attributes generated from their climate-friendly projects.

Who we are

What we do

“Green Earth, Save Earth”

VKU is a Certification body; a total solution provider to all kinds of Third Party Inspection, Monitoring, Verification, Testing, Assurance and Certification Services for Corporates, Industries and Individuals. The core areas of working for VKU are Climate Change, Energy & Environment and Sustainability Services.

VKU is the result of a few entrepreneurs’ vision who wish to dedicate towards serving for a green climate, clean energy and sustainable practices across the industries. Being a professionally driven organization, VKU believes in delivering ethical, balanced, transparent and quality solutions to all certification needs. Climate Change is one of key areas of functionality for VKU.

Our Approach

We believe that Sustainable development is one of the essential tools to any organization for its growth and market presence. And Sustainable Development is achievable only when business practices are aligned with all policy requirements, future preparedness and they reduce their risks associated with climate, energy, environment and other associated areas of their operations.

We, therefore look beyond regular business practices and help businesses in achieving a sustainable path by mitigating all their risks by means of regular monitoring, testing, inspection and certification as per the business needs. Our approaches and services thus help clients in navigating an increasingly regulated world wherein organizations proudly acclaim their significant values in business operations.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the one point solution for all Certification needs across the industries and corporate. We aim to achieve the best-in-class service delivery through our continuously improved and value added contributions to our clients. Our mission is to reach out to global clients and achieve precision, quality and excellence in our services. Our endeavour will always be towards bringing innovation, integrity and sense of entrepreneurialism across our growth.

Organizational Profile

VKU is a professionally driven company where quality and delivery are the measures of our growth and success. With a pool of sectoral experts and experienced professionals we are developing ourselves as a perseverant, passionate and ambitious service group who build up competency across different sectors. The core DNA of VKU is comprised of leaders and visionary minds who believe in delivering solutions beyond a regular practice.

Our Team

Dr Vikas Kumar Aharwal

Dr. Vikas Kumar Aharwal

Founder & Director

Dr. Vikas Kumar Aharwal is the founder of VKU Certification and along with his co-founders, he is developing the core Serviceability and DNA of VKU Certification. Vikas has done Ph.D. in Energy with the title "Design, development and performance evaluation of continuous fed horizontal biomass gasifier" which covers the scope of biomass gasification is a promising technology for biomass and waste thermo-chemical conversion. Gasification has the advantage of low environmental impact, high effective conversion, and reduced global CO2 emissions. He has done a Postgraduate diploma course in "Transmission & Distribution System" from National Power Training Institute, Nagpur (Maharashtra) an ISO 9001 : 2000 and 14001 organisation, has been set up by MINISTRY OF POWER (GOVT. OF INDIA).

He has done his M.Tech in Energy and B.E. in Electrical Engineering. He has worked on various projects under different GHG Mechanisms across different industries and sectors and earned significant experience in the field of Climate Change and Clean Energy Services. His experience marks significant credentials with various projects and programs. His vision is to deliver excellence in the field of Green Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability.

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Ayushi is Climate Change and EHS expert. She has over 5 years of experience in managing climate change projects in LDCs and developing countries with a particular focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and community-based projects. She has also worked in management of health and safety projects in renewable energy sector. She has worked on various projects of the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation (SDC),

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Ministry of Urban Development (India), UNDP and UNFCCC. She started his career as independent consultant and supported varies agencies to meet their sustainability goals. She started his career as independent consultant and supported varies agencies to meet their sustainability goals.

Ayushi Garg

Ayushi Garg